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Children's Fund


Children after Bath And new clothes Children visiting in spring 2004
For the Winter 2003 Thanks Everyone
Some of the Neighbor children come by to say hello to Kevin.

We started our Children street fund in 2003. Within a Year we had most of these children off
the street and into shelters. In 2004 we have reached our goal of getting these children taken care of.
Currently there are only a few children left on the street because they refused to stay in the shelters.
We still provide basic need to the street children but have now focus on the Shelters and Village children for 2004

The photos bellows show our history with the children.

Children get ready to get their summer clothes.  The problem is we can't wash their old clothes as they are too fare gone. Most of these children wash once a month if luckily. During the winter we require them to wash every two weeks at the city showers and before getting any new clothes.
Roll Call, Everyone with new clothes. October 11, 2003. Lunch call. We get 5-10 kids a day that show up for free food at 2pm at the office. Our cost is only $8-$15 a day to feed them. (Yana, Lana or myself will take them daily)


Daily Feeding for the children. Cost around $11 a day.
Each child is given soup, hot meal. Salad, Juice and Bread.
During the winter the children are feed at a local shelter.

New clothes and hair cut's for the boys.

Each child is given food daily from my office. I also provide baths and clothes as needed. Medical and Dental need are being address as fund become available. . The summer month are coming and we need summer clothes.

In Ukraine the school system goes to the 9th grade. Only a few select children from shelters ever go to advance schools.  Most of these children have a problem with Glue and suffer health problems because of their addiction to it.  Most mother were either kill in a auto accident or abusive.

Having no experience with homeless children, I can only provide the basics to survive. Any help would be appreciated. Most of the boys will never see man hood.

Name   Age education Mother father family Medical comments










Sasha #1 14 8th grade Dead Unk Brother Abscess on arm


Vova 14 6th grade Abuse Alcoholic Dead 3 brother 2 sister in another city None


Zheniya 16

4th grade canít read/write

Alcoholic  Birth father
 in Israel Jewish
Brother cough, need vitamins and dental Small for his age,
Tolik 16 9th grade Dead Unk Brother dental, sore throat, broken finger


Sasha #2 15 4th grade read/write bad Unk Abuse Alcoholic Brother drug dealer bad cough, cold sores, throat, abscess on eyes and bad liver Small for his age,
Timofei 15 3rd grade, canít read or write. Homeless location Unk grandmother and brother Oleg dental Family from village
Sergey #1 17 9th grade Orphan Orphan Aunt dental Has a state guardian an a Apartment
Oleg #1 16 8th grade Abuse Alcoholic Unk Sister grandmother cough, sore leg Has a state guardian an a Apartment
Oleg #2 14 3rd grade, canít read or write. Homeless Unk brother Timofei dental mother is living in street
Michael 17 5th grade prison Unk Grandmother  cough, bad kidneys, dental Living on his own
Sergey #2 18 8th grade Orphan Orphan brother Dental, cold sores, cough very small for his age











Two sisters








Christina 14 7th grade Abuse Alcoholic Abuse Alcoholic sister Irina cough, sore on leg, need vitamins Ĺ year on streets
Irina 13 6th grade Abuse Alcoholic Abuse Alcoholic sister Christina Pain in left side her and sister live on streets.


If you wish to help, we can use clothes for summer and families to adopt these children. It cost me around $12 a day to feed these kids.

The following items are needed.  Clothes for summer. Medical and dental treatment. Education grants.

If you have any questions please email me at


Kevin Hayes

Here is a Word document about life in Russia for the homeless children. Click here children.doc

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