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Summer/Winter 2004

In our continue effort to support the children of Kherson children we plan to focus more this year toward winter time. During the summer months most of the children head for the beach areas and summer camp. The street children normally return to the streets and we continue to feed them as needed and provide medical and Clothes.

I've found that the winter months are the worst for the children and will focus on it.

Here are some photos of my visit to one of the shelter in July 2004.




These children are very precious. The kid do not get many visitors and love to have there photos taken. We are proving sport equipment this year. So the children will have something to play with.
Our Donations arrive New Medical cabinets, chairs, and exam tables The center first real stove All of the kids wanted to see there first microwave.

            We wish to thank Glenn for helping with the donations. - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright 2000 - 2019

Facebook and YouTube