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Regional Children's Home
Director Svetlana Petrovna
Kulika Str. 149a
Kherson Ukraine 73000
38 0552 55-28-11

For ages 0 to 4 years old.
With all of the help we got in 2003 and 2004 the center has limits needs at this time.
There only request are for medicines and daily items such as diapers and baby food.

Kevin with Director Svetlana Petrovna and Interpreter Julia
Julia email
Julia is a Interpreter that helps foreigners with Adoptions.

Lana outside of the main Entrance.
As you can see this building and grounds are clean. However due to lack of fund repair is needed.

Kevin outside the Main Entrance.



 Here is a list of things that they need as you can see basic daily needs only..


Baby Medicine: 
Pampers : every size is needed
Water filters: - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright 2000 - 2019

Facebook and YouTube