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Engaged/Married ladies and client's for 2006

We are starting our 5th Year being in business.
Here are the Engaged/Married ladies and client's for 2006
88 Ladies in 2006
We will post our couple photo's here. Starting from Jan 2006 to Dec 2006

Lyle and Larisa 1459
Engaged March 2006
Lee and Maria
Engaged March 2006
Darren & Aleksandra
Engaged April 2006
Photo Coming
Colby and Irian_1951
Engaged April 2006
Ben And Oksana
Married April 2006
Roberto & Elena_1238
Married April 2006


Photo removed per request





Shawn, Alexander & Olga_1702
Married June 2006

Dale and Larisa
Married Sept 2006

Ron and Nastya_1543
Married Oct 14th
*Yes they knew each other for a while *

Photo Removed per request
Frank & Natalia_1963
Engaged June 2006
Stefan and Oksana_1750
Married July 2006
Rich and Larisa_612
Engaged Aug 2006
Jon and Svetlana_1899
Engaged Sept 2006
Paul and Olga_1922
Married Sept 2006
Ron and Nastya_1543
Engaged Oct 8th
Photo remove by request
Kevin and Inna 2065
Engaged Oct 2006
David and Olesa_1455
Engaged Oct 2006
Stefan and Oksana_1750
Married Nov 2006
Photo Coming Photo Coming
Rich And Lena
Married Dec 2006
Richard and Olga
Married Nov 2006
Calvin And Tatiana_1388
Married Nov 2006

David and Tatiana_1433
Married Nov 2006

Ladies who got married but do not wish for their photo's to be shown in 2006.
Elena 1336, Natalia_1189, Anna_1406, Valentina_491, Kira_1965, Olga_468,Julia_1271, Evgeniya_1269,Viktoria_124, Anna_634, Olga_1692,Galina_149, Marina_518, Kristina_1772, Tatiana 1698, Inna 915, Elena_1772, Natilia_1743,Tatiana_1154,Natalia_593, Mila_1315,Julia_1259,Larias_1356, Kristina_1527,Nadalia_1708,Elena_1725,Elena_2002,Elena_1709, Olga_1692, Julia_1452,Maria_1346, Julia_1665,Nadezhda_1804,Galain_1803,Luba_884,Olga_1656,Elena_1643,Elena_1966, Svitlana_1480, Vika_866, Tatiana_206, Elena_1990,Victoria_1929,Irina_651 Valeria_2091,Anna_283, Maria_1919, Irina_1938,Larisa_1581, Val_1723, Oksana_1121,Natalia_1816, Oksana_1024, Natalia_1727, Lyudmila_1344, Alla_1399, Larisa _1764, Valera_1836,Alla_1625, Olga_1658,Irina_2030, Elena_1648,Maria_1488,Anna_1162 - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright 2000 - 2019

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