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Engaged/Married ladies and client's for 2007

We are starting our 6th Year being in business.
Here are the Engaged/Married ladies and client's for 2007
Ladies in 2007
We will post our couple photo's here. Starting from Jan 2007 to Dec 2007
(Lets see how well we do this year :> )

  Requested No Photo Posted.


 Craig and Natalia_1891
Engaged Jan 2007
Craig and Juila_2108
Engaged Jan 2007
Brent And Elena
Married Feb 2007
Darren and  Alexandra_1437
Married June 2007
Hamy and Marina_1815
Engaged June 2007
Frank And Natalia
Married June 2007

Joel And Irina
Engaged Mar 2007

Allan and Viktoria_2139
Engaged Aug 2007

David and Olesya 1445
Married Nov 2007

Photo coming
Kevin D. and Inna
Married July 2007
John H. and  Natasha 2017
Engaged Aug 2007
Joel and Irina_1421
Married Aug 2007
Joseph and Marina_2170
Engaged 26 October 2007
Craig and Alina_2307
Engaged Oct 2007
Jeff and Olga
Engaged Oct 2007

John And Elena
Engaged Dec 2007

Kevin & Maryna
Married Dec 2008
Frank and Alla 2010
Engaged Dec 2007
Cebrail and Irina_1579
Engaged Dec 2007
Ladies who got married but do not wish for their photo's to be shown in 2007 listed below.
Lets see how many we get this year.
Ekaterina  1814, Irina  1067, Viktoria  1945, Elena  973, Valeria  1728, Kristina  1953, Inna  2029, Tatyana  909, Anzhela 1311, Julia 2020, Vera 278, Anastia 10001, Oksana 10025,Natalia 415, Vitalina 2005, Ekatrina 2128 Tatyana 1487, Natalia 1585,Oksana 1041, Oksana 1058, Inna 1083, Marina 161, Viktoria 1952, Natalia 1677,Marina 2255,Viktoria 2083, Ekatrerina 1758, Ekaterina  1246 Julia 10064, Julia 10087 ,Inna 1469 , Marina 2189 Lilia 1739, Alena 10062 - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright 2000 - 2019

Facebook and YouTube