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Kherson Girls - Ukraine Marriage Agency
We have thousands Ukrainian and Russian women and brides,
Ukraine brides and single ladies waiting to meet you for Marriage

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Free Video Chat Everyday

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Shype Video Chat software

 We are now Supporting Microsoft Net meeting and Yahoo Messenger (click to download) live in our office.

We will attempt to have FREE chats during the hours mention below. However we do not guarantee that our FREE chats will occur and they are secondary to paid private chats during the same time frame. Please if you connect to a chat and the lady isn't responding to you it would mostly likely be a private chat going on at the same time.  Please email or if you are unable to connect during any chats with your yahoo id.

NOTICE: The free chats are to be used to ask questions about  the agency and simple question about a lady that is available during the chat. It is not designed to be used as  a one-to-one chat with the ladies. The staff may limit the free chat to new members if too many men are online during the chats or attempts of a private one-to-one chat occurs too often.   We have many men who are learning about the ladies and agency and need to limit the free chats to the new guys. The old timers know they can order one-to one chats at any time.

Monday though Friday from 4pm to 6pm  (9am to 11am EST)
Saturday and Sunday  5pm to 8pm local time. (10am-1pm Eastern time)
 Kherson is 7hrs ahead of Eastern time.
Free group chats are located at 24hrs a day also.

To connect to office video PRIVATE chat/free chat:

1. Start Yahoo Msg,
2. Click on the (ADD +) button.  A screen "how would you like to add a friend" will show up.
3. Click on (By Yahoo ID) then click next.
4. In the field "Enter friends ID" type khersongirlsoffice
5. Click Finish

PRIVATE VIDEO CHAT can be arranged with your ladies. Just click on your lady that you like and select video chat.

Be sure to contact us using  ICQ. Live everyday at the office.

ICQ  # 177708086
Yahoo MSG Downloaded khersongirlsOffice
See Live video from our office daily. Click here

All of the ladies waiting for the free video chat.

If you have any questions please email me at - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright © 2000 - 2018

Facebook and YouTube

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