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Questions and Answers

Information is subject to change. Please check with the office prior to any visit.

Table of Contents

  1. How do I Contact the Agency... ?
  2. Where can I find the Agency and How do I get there... ?
  3. Why Should I use an Agency instead of a Social... ?
  4. Why do Kherson women want to marry foreigners.
  5. How to choose the right women  ... ?
  6. What to expect in kherson..?
  7. What guarantees do I have..?
  8. How do I get a tourist Visa.. ?
  9. What is a fiancée visa and how do I get one..?
  10. Should I send MONEY to the women.?

                                                    Most common questions:

  1. What is the price per night for the apartments? The web site has two links with different prices.
    1a. In Kherson the apartment are $48+/- for Ukraine and $65+/- for Western
  2. How many letters per month can I send with the $79.00 membership? Two links having different information.
    2a. 30 
  3. If I decide to stay in one of your apartment, what will be the price to meet the girl/s?
    3a. $30 per meeting  $35 for people not in our apartments.
  4. Regarding the translator, why is it prepaid? How do you know how long I will use the services for? Also, some of the ladies speak English so it doesn’t make sense to prepaid for a translator that I might not use or might not use entirely. Would you buy car insurance if you don’t have a car? How many hours is required to prepay? Can I use my own translator? Any restrictions if I bring my own translator?
    4a. We require a deposit at the office for the Interpreter. If you go over the allot time you are then ask to pay the difference. You won't believe how many people try to stiff us on interpreters. 
  5. Are men required to leave their passport at the office even if the apartment deposit is paid? leaving the passport is a very strange request, but your website mention it.
    5a. No. You only have to show it too us once.  You can either leave the passport of the deposit in the office.
  6. When are men required to pay the apartment deposit? When are men required to pay for the apartment rent? Can the deposit be use as part of the apartment payment? How is it paid?
    6a. No, the deposit is a reservation deposit until you arrive and then a security deposit to cover any damage and is returned once you check out of the apartment. Failure to show on a reservation will void your deposit.
  7. If I pay with cash for a service then I expect to get a refund on cash and not by pay pal, personal checks.
    7a.  Only if you pay cash in the office you can ask for a cash refund. paypal=paypal
  8. Can I pay for apartment, translator (if need one), taxi from and to Odessa Airport when I arrive in Kherson?
    8a. No. Taxi , security deposit must be paid in advance.  Meetings, Interpreter deposit/payment and taxi from kherson to odessa can be paid in Kherson.
  9. If I became a full member, but decided NOT to use any of your services such as Airport transfer, apartment, and translator, can I still meet the girl/s? Of course I will use my own translator, will find my own apartment, etc. what will be the price to meet them?
    9a. Yes, We have no restriction on meeting our ladies.  We only ask that you help support our agency by using additional services.
  10. If decide to use one of your translators, and want her to ride along from and to the airport with me, is there any charge for it? How much?
    10a. The daily rate cheaper then by the hour if used for airport pickup/delivery in Odessa.


How do I Contact the Agency ?

[We are available daily from 11am to 7pm Local time. It is best to reach us via email. For further information click here.]

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Where can I find Your office... ?

Our office is located in Downtown Kherson.

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Why should I use an agency instead of a Social ... ?

Most agency will know their girls and the local atmosphere. Also a Good agency will weed out the (unwanted professional girls.) However I do recommend socials for those who have very limit time and need to meet the most ladies at once.. Then have the agency help you with your meetings.  Always Google the tour agency for clients comments.

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Why do Kherson women want to marry foreigners?

This is a question I get asked allot. After traveling though Russia and Ukraine. I noticed that most women just want a good man an a strong family. Most of the local man (not all) seem to be mostly interested in work, drinking and dating a lot of women. It's not uncommon to see a married man with a girl friend. Also in kherson their are just more women then man.
So the best answer is that the women of Kherson are looking for a good husband, so they can have a good family.  Most of these girls are overwhelmed by the attention they get from American's.  A simply flower or a trip to a restaurant is sometime too much for these girls. You will be surprised by the sheer excitement cause when you invite one of these girls to a dance club.


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How to chose the right women ?

The first thing you want to do is pick your age group. You can go allot younger in Ukraine then American but you must remember that you will be bringing her back.  I would stay within 8-12 years of you own age.  Even though a 19 year old is just as willing to return with you as a 30 year old.    The next step is to look for someone that you are attracted to physically. You can raise your standards a little but keep it within reason.  Once you selected a group of girls to meet. (always pick more then one for your first visit). Start to email her and get acquainted. You might even try  video conferencing her or a phone call prior to meeting.  Once you are ready, contact a host and buy your tickets. We will take care of the rest. Try to spend at least a week or more in kherson. I have found out that you can't always trust the local population as secret and lies are part of the culture.  When you find the right girl, have your host verify what she is telling you. On many occasions I have found out later about habits and even children.


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What to expect in kherson ?

Spring/Summer:  You will find a wonderful small town. Everyone walk in this town as only a few can afford a car. I am sad to say that the city hasn't been able to keep up with some of the repairs and the roads could use some help. But other then a few holes it a lovely city.  There is much to do (fishing, hiking, swimming, boating) during the warmer days. Plus we have a good selections of dance clubs.

  Get ready for the cold. Most of the locals tend to stay home in the winter. But don't worry about not being able to find the women. They are sitting at home waiting for your call.  Our apartment are located downtown in a good area so power and water is always on.

Overall impression.  I will have to say that this city is in need of some financial help, but it's getting there. The people of nice and friendly. however beware of the local con artist. Expect to pay more then the locals pay most of your taxi's.  Your host will take care of your basic needs.   Do to the lack of funding, some of your local homes do not have 24hr water and electric so please give them plenty of time to get ready.


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How do I get a tourist Visa?

If you are an American or Part of the EU you no longer need a visa for a 90 day stay in Ukraine. All you need to do is show up at the airport with a valid passport..

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What is a fiancé visa K-1 and how do I get one

Each couple and each situation is different so it is impossible to say that one visa is always the best. However, for most couples, the fiancée visa K-1  is often the best. This is because if you carefully follow the directions of your immigration attorney, the fiancée visa has the highest success rate; near 100% for eligible ladies.

Their is another option called the Direct Consult Filing (DCF) this is the procedure where as you get married in Ukraine then process the document in Ukraine. This is a faster way of getting your lady to the states. But has some pluses and minus to it.  Please see .

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Should I send them MONEY to the women...?

NO, NO, NO. Not until you get to meet the women in person.  There are two many con artist out there taking money from foreigners. Everyday I see a line of girls at the western Union office getting money. Some of these girls are getting money from multiple guys at the same time.  Once you meet a girls and get engaged, the girl will expect you to provide financial support. This is part of the culture so don't be offended when the girls informs you that she need money for rent or food. Her family will be expecting you to take over. We try to screen our girls when they join the agency and have denied membership to more then just a few.  As we offer free internet, and the girls can use the computer to convert their email to English. There is no need for money. However some of the girls can not afford the bus or taxi to get to the office. So if you do find a girl that you would like to help... PLEASE let us get involved. We will gladly set up a fund for the girls that you can specify and control how she get the money and for what. If you want her to have English lesson and pay for her taxi our office will gladly help you.  We will let you know if you girls already has a fund setup.  Another way to help is our general fund. This fund is use to provide free English lessons weekly , Food and drinks for the girls and anything else they may need as a group.  Remember this  is a not for profit agency so every dollar helps. - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright © 2000 - 2018

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