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Here are the best Interpreters in Kherson

Nellie (26 y.o) (Staff)

Languages:  English .

Graduated from
 Kherson State University.

Hanna (23 y.o) (staff)

Languages: English &German

Graduated from
Odessa State University.

Kate (21 y.o) (staff)

Languages: English, German

Student of the 5st year of
Kherson State University

 Nellie is a full time office Interpreter
 and is available from
 (11am to 8pm)
 Hanna is a Fulltime office Interpreter
and is available from
 (11am to 8pm Weekdays)

Kate is a full time office Interpreter
 and is available from
 (11am to 8pm)

***** Speak, Read and Write  ***** Speak, Read and Write  ***** Speak, Read and Write   

In order to make your stay the most enjoyable we recommend that you contact one of our hostess to assist you with any arrangements that are required.  Our hostess can make arrangements such as transportation, Accommodations, and the most important the know all of the women. 

Why to Use our Hostess

  • How we Rate our Hostess
  • Rates and How they Bill
  • Meeting other agency's Women.

  •   Being an American myself I looked for Hostess that I could trust, were honest and reliable.  Each Hostess is employed by tth agency. The hostess will be your mom, "best friend, business partner and guide for you during your stay.   They will help you keep in touch with you before, during and after your trip.

Rates and How they bill.
  Each hostess will determine the hourly and daily rate as stated on the office rates. If you have any problems please contact the owner .  A deposit is required for services. 

How we rate our hostess.
   Each hostess is rated on a five star system for each category. English, Knowledge of women, "hunting capabilities" and customer satisfaction. Language rating:
* basic English (hello/goodbye)  ** Basic Understanding (how are you) *** Simple conversations **** Speak and Read English ***** Speak, Read and Write 

Meeting other agency's Women.
   I recommended that you not only look at the women profiles that we offer but other local agency's' If you see someone that you want to meet, let your hostess know. They will make the arrangements with the other agency's. Be aware that each agency has a rate for introductions and this charge will be in addition to the hostess's charge. - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright © 2000 - 2018

Facebook and YouTube

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