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Kherson, Patona / Shengeliya st.
tel.: (0552) 444300

Party shedule here


KALLIPSO, entertaining complex

Kherson, Pridneprovskii spusk, 1
tel.: (0552) 325072

Kherson night life, disco clubs, pubs
Kherson beach Kalipso
Kherson entertaiment

Complex is located on the bank of the river Dnipro and looks like a small town.
"Kalipso" impresses not only with its stateness but the number of various kinds of entertainment.
It is sure even the most versed visitors will find amusement to their liking. At your service: VIP beach, water pools, catamarans, scooters, kayak, slot-machines, massage.



Kherson night life, disco clubs, pubs Kherson nightclub Millenium

REST, entertaining complex

Kherson, prospekt. 200 let Khersona, 43 ?
tel.: (0552) 336464, 336300

"REST" - is original empire of entertainments. The up-to-date complex was built in 2005 in Tavrichesky microdistrict. It attracts everyone who likes to have a rest in a big way, loves sense in meal, and is not limited in time and means.

Here mega-shows take place and collect drivers of night club in two dancing halls and billiards. In its pub you can try eight sorts of beer and to become the interactive participant of sports, observing for their development from the big plasma screen.

The restaurant of the European class and for fans of physical health - sauna with pool is opened.


CHOCOLATE, nightclub

Kherson, Dzerzhinskogo, 13
tel.: (0552) 425263

Not accidentally Glucose has performed her songs opening the first show in the youngest night club in Kherson called "Chocolate": this became the beginning of real sweet life for all inhabitants who are fond of music and entertainments. "You have a capital level ", visitors actors are surprised. Agree: it is rather unexpectedly to find sound set of the same kind as used in night clubs of London and Ibiza out. There are only 5 sets of that kind in Kherson. Besides, "Chocolate" could boast of the best light registration in the South of Ukraine: 20 huge lamp "heads" and the three-colored laser create set of light decisions. Modern combination of red-yellow-black colored interior was created by the designer who was working in Italy for many years.

Each day of the week has its own theme.

- On Tuesdays the hen parties take place, each girl visitor receives a free-of-charge cocktail.
- On Wednesdays Hits of 90th could be heard (these days, by the way, unexpectedly appeared the most attended - you will not find any other place in Kherson where you could hear "Abba" or "Zemlyane"?).
- Thursday is the day of humor - you can laugh together with KVN teams
- Friday could be carried out in the style of a techno-trance. By the way, for performances of "Chocolate" DJs the qualitative equipment was specially bought - now DJs from Kiev and Moscow go to act to Kherson with pleasure.
- Come on Saturday to see the rich cultural program,
- On Sunday it is possible to relax, listening to R&B-party.

Besides all this - in full safety, in fact leisure of visitors of "Chocolate" (and only this night club) protects militian special division "Titan". It is not necessary to tell much: fighters of this division work for festival "Tavrijsky games ". Besides club has excellent cuisine and a wide range of cocktails. And barmen from Ukrainian guild of barmen present a real show with fire and juggling of bottles. - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright © 2000 - 2018

Facebook and YouTube

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