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Letters to Girls

Since we use only the web site for letters and do not use Emails I wanted to give some advice and hints on how our system works.

When writing letters using our web site. The first recommendations I have is to use a word processor program for long letters. This will help with spell checking and keeping the letter within the max size. Plus be aware that our site does time out if no activity is detected..  Once you create your letter use a text program such as notepad or WordPad to copy and past the letter into first. For some reason Word has a lot of hidden characters that take up space.  

Standard Letters.

Keep letters very simple at first. Remember your profile is available to the ladies to read. So don't waste time repeating what is already available to them.  Some do and don'ts

1. Keep is friendly and just be a friend at first.
2. Treat her the same as you would a lady in your home town.

1. Use poems or riddles
2. Make any commitment promises.
3. Don't offer to help her with money. Unless you really mean it.
4. Don't offer to support her family. Unless you really mean it.

Intro Letters.

The best way to find out if a lady is interested in the Intro Letter program:

First create a generic letter that introduces yourself. Again your profile information shouldn't be included. Keep the letter very basic as it will only be translated once and used on many ladies.

Send out the intro letter to as many ladies as you like.


I'll keep updating this as I think of more comments on letters.

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