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Matchmaking Services (Limited to Kherson Ladies only)

Open Daily 9am to 9pm.
(38) - (0552) - 42-35-62
352 397-2860
ICQ, Skype and Video Chat available

Here is a service that can help you find the ladies of your dreams.  Let us do the interviewing for you and find out just how interested a lady is before you make the trip. 

I've often seen men spend months talking to a single lady and when it came time to meet her he was disappointed or the lady wasn't serious. This is why we work with client to ensure that the ladies are serious. We provide email, video chat and telephone conversations. You provide us with the ladies you like and we'll provide you with ladies we've picked out for you based on the type of lady you are looking for.

Basic Matchmaking $425.00

This is our basic starter program. What we will do is allow you to pick 10 ladies at a time that you are interested in. You will add these ladies though the web site. You will be given the option of adding private question for each lady or use the ones mention below.  We will interview these ladies for you and let you know if they are interested in you. We will continue till we have 5 ladies who are very interested in you. Once you arrive in Kherson you will meet you top 2 ladies for FREE.

 Don't waste you time meeting ladies
 that are not interested.
Have us talk to the ladies in advance


 So here is what you get for you money.

  1. We will contact girls that you like from our agency.
  2. We will show these girls your profile and photo' plus any other information you want
  3. We will translate your profile into Russian .
  4. We will make the arrangement for you to meet your top 2 ladies when you arrive in Kherson.
  5. We will assign a personal host you too to handle all of you concerns.
  6. We have 3 matchmakers on staff.
  7. Free consultation with any of our matchmakers.
  8. Access to the office via a private line or skype.



Soul Mate Search (10 day package)
Includes Taxi, Interpreters, Meetings, Apartment $1950.00

    . Everything mention above in the basic Matchmaking plus we will post your information in the local newspapers and advertise you in our office. We will continue to search till we find you 10 ladies that are serious about meeting you. Once you arrive in Kherson you may meet up to 10  lady on your list for Free. (Single trip Only) 

This is a complete 10 day package that includes your taxi to/from Odessa. 10 days in a Ukrainian deluxe apartment, Plus up to 10 Free meetings with Interpretor (20hrs Max,2hr per meeting min During bussiness hours). A cell phone to use.

A direct phone line to the office in Kherson from the USA. Unlimited calls to the matchmaker on skype VOIP. (Yes, we will help you set it up).



    The advertisement  give you a  side  benefit in  your   search and  broaden your opportunities in finding your  lady .   The difference  between basic  matchmaking  program and  soul mate in  this ad which we place in local newspaper and everything is arranged for your 10 day visit.

Matchmaking service is used by 15% of our clients and 50% of our engaged couples are matchmakers. So it  clearly shows that soul mate program  is more  helpful in your search.  But  you still   keep  sending us  girls to your  matchmaking  list, and there are more  then 30 there. Yes , you picked up very nice  ladies,  most of  them  are interested in serious relations  with you  and  also  in  meetings with  you.   Are  you going to meet more than 30 women in Kherson, it will  make  difficulties for you in  making the decision and choice. We  go  on   with  interviewing girls from your list and stop accept  new ones. Our job is to find  ladies you may concentrate your attention  on and to set up meetings after your  arrival. And we  will be  glad to make your being here comfortable,  reasonable , that will lead  you to successful result.  

 Best regards,
 Matchmaker Nellie

 Matchmaking Advance: $2375.00

       This is a two city service. (Kherson/Nikoleav). You will not only get the service mention above in the Soul Mate Search but we will add the City Nikoleav to your list and interview those ladies for you. You will be based out of Kherson but will spend two days in Nikoleav by our private car with up to 6 private meetings.  You may stay one night in Nikoleav if you like. (hotel charges not included)

Note: Interpreter service is for Kherson only. Nikoleav is per hour.




Yana has been with the agency for over 5 years and she knows the ladies. If you are looking of a good wife. Yana will find your match.  She know what the ladies are looking for and has the ability to find that special lady. You will be able to meet up to 10 ladies for free when you arrive in Kherson plus up to 6 ladies from Nikoleav during your 2 day trips or overnight trip.

 Have a lady that you are interested in, Have us interview her for you. We will invite her into the office and show her your picture and profile and talk to her on your behalf. This is a good way to find out if the lady is interested.

See Ladies profile for pricing.

Your photo and profile will be delivered to each lady.

Local Newspaper listing

We will post your picture and profile on the local paper. Then invite the ladies to come to office and email you. We will post your photo and what you are looking for. We run it for the whole month. (Max 40 words)

$35.00 (month)
$9.00 (One time)

How are matchmaking program works.

For starters you will need to select the ladies you wish to add to your list. This is done by going to each ladies profile and clicking on add lady to matchmaking. This icon will be available once you pay for the matchmaking service. Each time you pick a lady you will be given the option to ask her a few specific question.  Please try  not too repeat any questions on our list below. We recommend that you pick 5-10 ladies at a time. Till we have found you 10 ladies who are interested in you. Once we get your list of ladies we are going to invite them into the office and ask them your questions and ours as we show them your profile. The matchmaker will let you know the ladies level of interest.  We will also add any specific comments from the ladies to your report. 

Once our matchmaker has a good ideal as to what type of lady you are looking for she will start recommend some ladies to you that are not on your list and promote your profile in the office for all new ladies to see and read. The ladies the matchmaker picks out for you will also send you  free intro letters to read.  Because both you and the matchmaker are picking out ladies it will give you a better chance of finding the match for you.

Prior to your arrival in Kherson you will be able to pick your top 2 ladies to meet for Free and the rest are on stand by for you.

You will be able to view the responses to each question in your account section.

We will continue to interview ladies until we have reach 10 ladies who are interested in you. Out of these 10 ladies you will pick 2 of them to meet for free when you arrive in kherson.

Questions we ask.

ID# Question
1 Do you plan on improving your education in Kherson?
2 Do you plan on improving your education in America?
3 Are you making an effort to learn English/Russian?
4 Do you prefer life in a city or the country?
5 Are you good at budgeting/spending money wisely?
6 Do you participate in sports?
7 Do you like reading?
8 Are you ready to move to his country?
9 Can you be married in less than a year?
10 Do you enjoy learning about other cultures?
11 If they have a child, do they have full custody of their child and could they easily leave Ukraine without any legal problems?
12 If you do not speak English well yet, is she making effort now or does she desire to learn more English?
13 Do you prefer life in a small city or a big city, or she has no preference?
14 Do you have any family or friends in the USA?
15 Are you concerned about any language or cultural barriers?
16 Have you seriously thought about life in the USA?
17 Do you think it is important that a man and a woman have everything in common to be together?
18 Do you want to work or stay home when you have a family?
19 Do you prefer home life or going to discos and clubs?
20 I would like to know a little about their personalities.



  1. If one of the ladies leave the agency we will replace her with the next lady on your list. 

  2. You will select your top 5 a week before your arrival in Kherson.

  3. Once the Matchmaking service starts you have 1 year to complete it.

  4. No Refunds once we start.  Use it or Lose it.

  5. Interpreter service is from 11am to 8pm. After hour surcharge of $2hr

  6. Taxi Service to/from Kiev will have a surcharge. Odessa is a surcharge if not included in your package.

  7. Cell phones require a local prepaid service.

  8. Matchmaking service is complete after your first visit. You may not break it into two visits. Any service not uses is non-refundable - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright © 2000 - 2018

Facebook and YouTube

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