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We have thousands Ukrainian and Russian women and brides,
Ukraine brides and single ladies waiting to meet you for Marriage

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Membership Enrollment

Join our Membership 
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Once you have completed your online membership form you will need to add cash
to your account.

Once you completed the membership and added cash to your account then log into your account and upgrade your service to one our of paid membership if you wish to send letters to ladies.


Paid memberships Email service is available only for Ladies in the Kherson office only
All other area have a per letter charge specified on the ladies profile.

(Click Here to Join Today.)

We offer a few choices on membership.

All Translations of letter and letters from ladies are

We are one of the few agencies that allow you to get and open your letters from the ladies for free. This is our way of showing our clients that there is no money motivating the agency to get the ladies to write false intro letters.  

One of the factors that everyone needs to be aware of is our office doesn't not require the ladies to come into the office and write letters. The ladies are free to come as often as they like. We do require the ladies to respond within a reasonable time frame to any letter they received.

Keeping this in mind, be aware that many ladies have to walk long distances to the office and feel that the Men should show a interested first. This is why we recommend that you at least send a intro letter to the ladies that you like so they will feel a trip to the office is worth the time and effort.  I am only being honest when I say that the ladies believe the men should start the letter writing. The same way many men believe the ladies should.  It is sad when both men and women are waiting on the other to start.

*Note:  There are two types of letters available to be sent to the ladies. The standard letter is one page letter that you write for each lady. The intro-Letter is a pre-written generic letter used to send a quick "Hello, Are you interested" letter to the lady. The Intro-Letter is created in the My account section one time and used for all intro letters. It can not be modified once it is created.

All Membership are Restricted to Kherson Ladies only.

Register only:
Able to use our Free services
Check lady profile to show letter price

Monthly basic:
 $50.00 (10 full letters )

That is only $5.00 a letter
Includes translation for free .
Include, Profile in office. All letters from ladies are free.

Monthly advance:
Best Value only $79.00
  15 letters. Plus 5 Free Intro-letters
Free office support on skype plus USA Phone number to office.

Monthly deluxe:

Deluxe 1 month (25 letters/10 Intro & 3 Video's chat month)

1 month (2 standard and 2 Intro-letters free each month) for $24.95
Your profile is actively listed in the office books and place in the VIP Books at all agents offices.

*** Always refer to the My account section for changes, updates and specials.


Payment Options:

We can receive payment for service by the following means:

1. American Postal Address: Check's, Money orders or western Union. Please Contact Nellie at the office.


2. Credit Card payment.
Please go to the web site Paypal Our email address is Follow instructions on web site.

To Send money to the children fund please use the email address when using paypal.

To the children fund.


3 Setup Monthly Payments via Paypal each month.

Membership Options

   This is a monthly recurring charge and can only be cancelled though site.

4. For Western Union and Bank Transfer to American please contact us.

Credit Card
Please go to the web site
Our email address is
Follow instructions on web site.

Setup Monthly Payments Click Here:
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