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KhersonGirls Parties

KhersonGirls offer the option of having your own private Boat party with as many ladies as you can handle.
We will take you and group for a 4-6hrs boat ride up/down the Dnepr River.
Select as many ladies as you like from our Kherson Agency.
We will provide the Foods, Drinks, Interpreters and Entertainment.
 You provide the Men.

Typically cost is around $500hr for $2500-$3000. Boat has 15 Tables and Disco Floor

Our Past Parties Photos

August 30 2002  Our First Party at Disco McDuck
Oct 29th 2002  2nd party at Disco XXL
June 21 2003  3rd party and we got the system down.
July 4th 2003  A weekend party for the office and guys in town
Sept 17th 2003  Our First Boat party and it was a blast.
May 19th 2004 Our first party of 2004, Disco XXL
Sept 29th 2004 Our end of the year party for 2004
May 27th 2005 We got quite a few engagements
Sept 29th 2005 End of Year party. Our largest group yet.
May 26th 2006 First party for 2006
July 4th 2006 It was a great Boat party
Sept 29th 2006 End of the year Boat party
Sept 23 2007 End of the year Boat Party
May 25, 2008 Spring Boat party - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright © 2000 - 2018

Facebook and YouTube

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