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Kherson Girls Referral/Comment List

The weekend Office staff with Clients

Our company Information:

We are 1 of 3 legal Agencies in Kherson out of 56 agencies.
We have a full time office located downtown.
We have a Free Meeting room in office
We offer Western Style service.
We are a legal Ukraine Corporation.

Open December of 2001
Started Service in March 2002
Number of ladies in agency: 3,514
Ladies removed from agency: 955
Scammers remove from agency  56 (before they could scam)
Profession Daters removed       34
Male Clients refused service:    7 (inappropriate behavior))
Information Current as of 3/3/2005

Comments and Referral's

Many agencies post on their site referral's and comment from "clients" that can or can not be verified.  List of names and address and wonderful stories. But how do you really now what you are reading is real. What about the complaints or horror stories.

I offer you two ways to verify our office.  Talk to real clients and see our results.

1. Ask our clients on our group list at Yahoo groups. 

1. See our results: Successes Lists

If you have any questions please email me at

Here is what our clients are saying about us in since 2005..

May 15th, 2008

Dear Kevin and staff,


I just wanted to say how pleased I was with my eight days in Kherson and how the agency has changed my life. As a first time flyer and never been out of USA, this was quite an experience for me, but every step of the way, i was guided by the office.I had planned this trip months in advance and got to know everyone by name over a six month period. When I had a question, the staff gave me direction.  When I arrived on a holiday and could not get my  money converted, the office bailed me out and kept me from being broke until the banks opened. I was treated like family from the moment I arrived. Most of my meetings went as planned, as I wrote many letters beforehand and of course, not everything will go 100% perfect, but Yana and the girls took control of one of my mishpas with a lady and straightened things out real soon, so things went well again, and no disappointments. The interpreters worked after hours, missed suppers and cancelled plans to keep me happy and make connections and they deserve many thanks. You will not find a better apartment for the price and security was great. As a matter of fact, i never felt threatened in the building late at night or walking the city alone after midnight.I don't have anything bad to say. I WILL  say that I ended up with someone completely different than who I went to meet, and with the help of Nellie's matchmaking skills, , this relationship worked immediately and is getting stronger every day. I am planning to come back in September to hopefully make decisions in our lives for the future.I welcome anyone hesitant to use this agency, to write to me and discuss your thoughts. You will not find a more honest and caring agency than yours  in Kherson or in the area, I am convinced of this now, as i have seen it for myself and I am happy with  the results.  Thanks again for all you did to make my trip comfortable, enjoyable and a success!!! John B.


Just to say Kherson girls is still the best agency i have found all in all, i have just returned from Sumy and Kiev.

I am now looking at your agents in other towns like Kharkov and Vinnitsa, i have searched through your site at these destinations but they have a very small no of girls.

Do i have any options to build a bigger list in these towns???




Neil 2/20/05

I totally agree. Yana and her agency helped me to salvage my relationship, when a misunderstanding had my lady not talking to me. Yana and her ladies talked to my lady and convinced her to talk to me in person. And through that I was able to repair the misunderstanding. And now we are engaged and soon to be married when she arrives in USA. Yana and Kevin's agency make a little money here and there, (Gee, imagine that wanting to earn $$,) but the agency goes way up and beyond for treatment of people. The reason...they actually care about you and the ladies they deal with.


Photos, web chats, talks, services, etc. They are a great agency and I agree with others that stand up for them. I too ran through a scam before I met them, only I found out, by luck, before it cost me too much money!!


Now I am engaged and in love with a beautiful and wonderful woman who I totally believe I will spend my life with and I owe most of that to Kevin's agency, who introduced us, helped us to communicate and learn about each other, helped me to come to a totally foreign country and live and meet her and helped me with all matters associated with the engagement.


Kevin's Khersongirls is #1. I too am not affiliated with the agency and am expressing my personal opinions based on use of and contact with them and their agency.


Plus I have met Kevin and Lana in person. They are very nice people. I have met Yana, and all the staff at KG and they are fantastic to deal with and sweethearts all of them!!


That is my take on the matter!!

Kurtis  12/22/04

Well, after what was just posted, I had to add my 2 cents.

My wife in Kherson just had a car accident this past Sunday. She had several cuts, bruises, concussion, broken clavicle. The office notified me immediately. The next day Yana, the office manager went to the hospital to see my new wife. SHe let me know her status immediately. Today, she went again to the hospital, talked to the  head doctor about her condition and let me know and also at the advice of Kevin had her moved to better conditions at the hospital-- which I am very thankful for. I have paid not a dime for all of this care and concern and time and efforts. Anybody want to find any other
agency that would do this and go this far--even one here in America-- go for it. I have been involved with this agency for about 8 months now and never been dissapointed in anyway with anything. I continue to be impressed by Kevin, Yana, all of his office staff.
Bob 12/21/04

As I calibrate 6 months of marriage I remember an old promise.  I have been meaning to write a few words for a long time, but my new life has been very busy.  I met my wonderful wife Olya during a video chat with Kevin's agency.  The agency was very helpful with letters, gifts,video chats, airport taxi, a personal interpreter and renting me an apartment.  I always felt safe and well cared for.  I personally met Kevin on both of my trips to Ukraine.   He is straight forward and
easy to deal with.  The office girls are very helpful and Yana looks after you like a nervous mother.  Feel free to post this referral on other lists.  I was happy with the service and will confirm this to anyone who asks.   Gool luck to you all!  4/2/05

Updated June 2010. Hi Kevin,

I have not looked at the Khersongirls web sight in a long time but I noticed that you still have the referral I wrote in 2005 posted there.

Just to update that old referral I will add the following. Olya and I have now been married for over 5 years and have a 4 year old daughter. I am still trying to learn the Russian language, but it is easier now that my daughter is learning it with me.

I have good memories of the help your staff gave me back in 2004. I see you still have Nellie, she was extremely helpful to me back then and I am sure she has only gotten better since.

The email address on the old referral is no longer good. People with questions should write me at

Byron & Olya Davis - Kherson Ukraine Marriage Agency   Copyright © 2000 - 2018

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