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Alla, lady# 2947

Lady service center is Kherson
I can tell that I am loving, tender and romantic lady. I think, true romance is about getting to know someone and connecting on a deep level - it's more than just chemistry and attraction. Trust, support, respect , mutual understanding and appreciation are the most important things for me in relationship.
A man I am looking for is a cheerful person who enjoys his life and treasures every moment of it. A man, who is honest, responsible and has personal ethical values.

Prices and Services available:
Address/Contact Info: Yes (99.95$)
May include Phone/Email:
Has Internet at Home: No
Accepts letters: Yes (12.00$)
Accepts Intro letters: Yes (6.00$)
Accepts Gifts and More: Yes
Available for meetings: Yes
Available for chat: Yes (39.95$)
Available for interview: Yes (25.00$)

Agent: kherson

Girl's additional Photos Send Gifts & Services Send Letter Send Intro Letter Buy Contact info Order chat with Lady Order interview with Lady Add to Favorites Age: 47
Zodiac: Aquarius
City: Kherson
Height: 182 cm = 5' 11.7"
Weight: 70 kg ~ 154 lb
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Grey
Type of Figure: Slim
Level of Education: Specialized School (PTU)
Type of Degree: Shop assistant
Type of Employment: Shop assistant
Religion: Orthodox
Marital Status: divorced
Language: English Basic
Children: Yes
Name: Maxim Age: 2003 Sex: Male
Name: Alexey Age: 2008 Sex: Male
Smoker: No
Preferred Age: 42 - 60
Lady # 2947 Lady # 2947 Lady # 2947 Lady # 2947

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