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Gifts for Girls

Gifts for Girls
To order a gift click Gift on your ladies profile.
All gift purchases include a picture of your lady receiving it.

If the lady is not in our agency use the lady Number 9999 and put the ladies contact information in the comment section .
If you wish a picture or letter sent with your gift delivery email it to

We will require prepayment on all deliveries.
For payment options

*Prices are for delivery at the office.
To delivery to the lady's home (Kherson only) $25

Questions? Please email

Love Package's

7 Roses, box of candy, Teddy bear and card $125.85 +/- Be sure to check the price when order as flowers prices change though out the year.
(Be sure to specify the type of flower)

One long stem red rose with delivery (Kherson Area Only)
Photo and return letter included.
Plus we will find out what the ladies intentions and level of interest in you at the same time.
(mini-interview) $40.95

7 Roses with 10 photos and Interview $77.95

(To see pictures click flowers)

A Single rose given to a lady during Video chat at the office $11
A bouquet of deluxe 3 roses $40.95
A bouquet of deluxe 5 roses $54.95
A bouquet of deluxe 7 roses $64.75
A bouquet of 11 roses with a vase and surrounding flower arrangement $95.95
Special gift for a lady -orchid plant ( small) - $45
Special gift for a lady - orchid plant ( double) - $75
Add a special touch to your flowers
An arrangement of greens and small flowers $7


Scan photos from ladies and send to client (Max 10 photo's) See lady profile for pricing

Print photos from Client See lady profile for pricing per page. Please let us know what size to print the photos.
1 per page/2pg/4pg send photo to

10 authentic photos taken with a digital camera. (Kherson Area only) See lady profile for pricing under gifts.

Basket Of Fruit (oranges, mandarins, bananas, apples, grapes, etc. -weight 5 kg)
This basket is heavy they have to bring a friend to help them carry it. $85

One pound box of candy $ 15.75
One Good Bottle of Champagne $17
One Small Plant or Tree for Home $37
One Medium Plant or Tree $57
One Large Plant or Tree $77
Birthday Cake Basic $29


Toy For a son/daughter $35
Toy for a Daughter/Son $50
Teddy Bear, Small $40
Teddy Bear Medium $65
Teddy Bear Large $80

Services for Lady
English Lessons 5hrs $40
English Lessons 10hrs $75
English Lessons 20hrs $150
Russian/English Phrase book. A handy book to keep the conversation going $8
Russian/English Dictionary pocket size. A dictionary that she can carry around $8
Russian/English Dictionary. A great gift for your lady. Oxford or Webster $65
2 Books for English lessons with a tutor $40
K-1 Visa Assistance Program For a Single Lady. $300
K-1 Visa Assistance for a Lady with Children.$350

Taxi Odessa One-Way $180
Taxi Kiev One-Way $325

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